Florida State Homecoming PowWow

So tonight all my dreams came true and I both saw Jimmy live for the first time and MET him!

here are some pics!

he played Idiot Boyfriend and Hammertime from The Bathroom Wall... and some new songs he wrote!

Plus I talked to him for a bit and he told me that he wants to make another CD after he starts his Late Night!

Dear everyone...

today one is the happiest day of my life because i just found out Jimmy is coming to my schools homecoming!!!

I go to Florida State University and he's coming to our Pow Wow!!!!


Hihi, new member here ^^

Joined because I love Jimmy after hearing 'Idiot Boyfriend' on YouTube and since then I got the song onto my iPod, lol. I discovered that he made an album called 'The Bathroom Wall'?

Does anyone have it? I've been asking at some music commms and no one is replying to me >_< I would love you forever if any of you guys can upload it for me :D

Oh and here, was on his MySpace (which won't let me friend him, boo) and found this uber adorable piccie of Jimmy with a kid - squee!

And what's your name, kid?Collapse )