Caitie (straightedgeaz) wrote in fallon_daily,

OnStar Commercial

This is my first time posting here, so hello I'm Caitie, anyways...
I heard Jimmy was on an Onstar commercial so I went to the OnStar website and saw the commercial. After a little reasearch and the wonders of my Macbook I was able to download the video and I reuploaded it to YouTube. It's only 15 seconds long but its still funny and he gets a "yankee" accent when he says "BOB!" at the end which was cute. Anyways, enjoy!

If that doesnt work:

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hes so silly
I looove him! :)
Thanx for posting!
No problem. By the way I love your Icons :)
Oh,thanks so much! So glad you love them! :)
Thanks for posting that! I heard about it but haven't seen it on TV there. It fits him well. Some of the other OnStar commercials with celebs I have seen I just scratch my head and say "hmm."